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*Disorders - These behaviors are conditions where a person feels compelled to perform a behavior to the point that is severe.  While most people pull, pluck and pick hair, skin and nails, etc., in small amounts, when this becomes excessive and time consuming, they are considered disorders and can cause severe emotional distress and physical suffering.  Many hours can be spent performing a BFRB as well, which also contributes to the negative impact to a person's social, work, and family relationships, and self esteem.

*Intense Emotions - Emotionally, most people are very upset by the resulting damage to their appearance and make great efforts to control or stop the behavior.  Many experience confusion as to why they feel compelled to perform a behavior and as to why they cannot stop their behavior.  Common feelings are:  anxiety, fear, excitement, tired or boredom.  Most people with these disorders experience very strong negative emotions such as guilt, shame, and embarrassment.  Usually, they do not want others to know and make great efforts to hide their behaviors.  

*Physical Suffering - BFRBs are poorly understood.  Also, physically, people suffer intensely from repetitively touching, rubbing, scratching, picking, digging into their skin or pulling their hair, etc.  Results of this behavior may result in skin discoloration, scarring, severe tissue damage and visible disfigurement.  It is believed these disorders affect millions of people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, nationalities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, so you are not alone!  

*Prognosis - While impossible to predict the duration of a BFRB, without treatment, BFRBs tend to be a chronic condition that may wax and wane in severity through a lifetime.  While there are no guarantees, treatment provides opportunity to become behavior free, and experience less urge, and more control.  With treatment, there is hope that you will recover and enjoy a BFRB free life!


Trichotillomania is a serious condition where a person feels compelled to pull their hair out to the point it causes noticeable amounts of loss of hair. 


Excoriation (also known as Dermatillomania) is a serious condition where a person feels compelled to pick at their skin to the point it causes visible wounds. 
"I feel I learned a lot through worksheets and ways to identify why, what and how.  I feel a lot better because I feel there's hope for me!"

"I was afraid to come to counseling.  I've never met anyone who has this problem.  I have felt embarrassed, guilty and ashamed!  Things people have said to me when I get hair cuts....   But you have made me feel comfortable.  You have given me resources."

"I feel a lot better that I have things to work with now!"


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