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About Deanna

A Few Words 

Since my internship, which began in 2006, I have focused on providing personal and professional counseling in North, West, Lincoln and St. Charles Counties.  I am dedicated to serving those in need of support through life transitions and believe hope is possible through a collaborative effort.  


   The goals of counseling are to provide:  

a supportive environment;

a place to sort things out;

an objective viewpoint; 

guidance toward a better understanding of personal problems in light of God's Word; 

and to help others grow in faith, knowledge, and love for Christ as He transforms into His likeness.

It is a constructive and Christian-based approach to managing personal problems and interpersonal relationships.


Deanna has a broad base of professional experience in Individual, Marriage, Couple, Family and Group Therapy.  She is married and lives with her husband and toy poodle in St. Charles County, Missouri.  Also, she is the mother of two married children and grandma to six grandchildren.  

Master of Arts Counseling,


Master of Arts

 General Theology,


Covenant Theological Seminary, 

Saint Louis, Missouri

Counseling Internship &​ Sup​ervisi​on​ w/ Carol Ye​a​ge​r, MA, LPC

Associated Counselors of West County 


Deanna Self, MA, LPC,

Pictured in this group w Drs. Judith & Aaron Beck (Seated)

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Training for Depression & Anxiety Workshop, 2012, Beck Institute, Philadelphia, PA


"What did me good was hearing your voice.  We th​rew all this stuff out there and then gathered it up... I was struggling with anxiety.  It's hard to talk about things I didn't want to.  You're so easy to talk to."

"It was wonderful to talk with you today and to hear your sweet, soothing voice..."

"With your help and insight and with God's reassurance and love, I was able to resist what I needed to resist.  I never gave in.  I am in a good place now.  I have God's peace that I haven't had for awhile.  I feel content and happy!  Thank you so much for all your help!"

"I've seen all the progress I've made and it's exciting.  I feel good!  The strategies have helped so much. "

"The Testing Thoughts Worksheet was helpful because the thoughts were weighing me down more than I was aware of."

"Counseling helps me understand my thoughts and feelings and better manage them."

"Counseling helps me feel better as awareness of thoughts grow."

"My child is doing so good.  He still wants to see you as a refresher and to keep him on track."

"Earlier, I was thinking, 'I wish I could talk to Deanna....'  You said a lot of good things I wished I'd written them down."

"I am doing 100 x better than when I began.  I am one of your success stories!"

"I'm glad we're able to talk without us interrupting each other and getting defensive."  

"I'm going away with things to work on, knowing I can't control or change him."

"Counseling is helping me realize my role is different now.  Not only am I a friend and spouse, I am now a caregiver.  I hadn't fully accepted that roles are different now.  I am thankful I am in counseling as it has been beneficial."

"Now I have more knowledge on how to cope with my problems - tools - ways to go about handling things."

"Thanks for letting me rant and rave...feel a lighter load.  I always feel better after I talk about things.  It helps to discuss what I can control.  The blaming ANT was dead on."

"Counseling is totally helping me change the way I think."

"Going away with relief!  I'll practice focusing on what I can control and what I have to accept and adjust to."

"Deanna, you're like a rock.  I feel I can tell you anything and it will be okay."

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